Monday, July 13, 2009

Shopping Day 1

I decided to take it easy today and just do some shopping in the Hankyu Tsukaguchi area. My daughter and I rode the bikes there and looked around Sun Sun Town for a while. It was surprising to see how many shops had closed down. Even the book store on the first and second floor was gone and replaced with a dental clinic.

The Wanpaku video game shop under the movie theater was still open with lots of cool used games. They had lots of old video game hardware dirt cheap too. I'll be going back for stuff like a Super Game Boy adapter for my Super Famicom and some Playstation items such as PS1 mice for 100 yen and an PS2 Eye Toy for only 250 yen.

After that we went to Book Off for a few used manga and check on CD prices. At another nearby used shop we found some Harry Potter books in Japanese (of course). Then I picked up a new Pepsi Shiso at the Lawson convenience store. Not bad to start but the aftertaste is really weird.

Then we did some shopping and walking around Tsukashin. I picked up a hiking map for the Mt Rokko area.

Dinner was karage chicken!

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