Sunday, July 12, 2009

In Japan

Well I made it to Japan in one piece though not without a couple missteps. At Narita airport I got lost and followed the rest of the people through Immigration when I should have found my way back to a connections flight. I saw no sign properly marked though. Eventually I made my way back to the gates. Luckily I had plenty of time before my next flight.

Then in Kobe I was so tired that I rushed onto the first express train I saw and it ended up going the wrong direction so I had to get off at the next station and go back. I ended up getting to the in-law's house a little after 11pm. I haven't done any proper math but I think it took 28 hours from door to door with no sleep.

Gah! They showed Dragonball Evolutions as one of the in-flight movies! Truly horrible. Even if I paid attention to my Nintendo and couldn't hear the film, I could still feel the badness drawing my attention. At least it wasn't Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li...

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