Monday, July 20, 2009

Having fun

I think I'm around the halfway mark in my vacation in Japan. I made a mistake in thinking that my laptop would handle my camera's memory card without an adapter so I didn't bring the adapter or a cable. Any pics I post will have to be from my daughter's camera. Or wait until I get back home.

So far I've done most of the shopping that I want. Manga, CDs and games all accounted for. I guess I'll have to buy a full CD version of Angela Aki's "Answer" since I can't find the single of the song I want. I have found Superfly and Perfume though along with more Hikaru Utada, Wink and many others.

I've climbed the Rock Garden portion of the mountains between Ashiyagawa and Okamoto. That was two days ago and my calves are still feeling the burn.

The rainy season is still going strong. We had a very noisy thunderstorm in the wee hours of Monday morning and it is rainy strong and steady now on Tuesday morning. More later.

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