Sunday, April 08, 2007

Toshiba Satellite

It has been one month since I got my cool new notebook computer. A Toshiba Satellite A135S4427. The computer is great but I don't see anything to get excited about with Windows Vista. It looks pretty much just like Windows XP except that the borders of the windows are slightly transparent and you can rotate through them.

The only real complaint I have is about the Toshiba Flash Cards. About once per week they will pop up with a message saying that they are "not responding" and that window will not close down unless I restart the computer. I've tried looking up the problem online but can't seem to find what causes it or even a clear and simple explanation of what the TFC do and if I can disable them permanently without ill effect.

I'm setting up the notebook for use at gaming conventions. Useful gadgets, mood music, rule PDFs and such. I'm even putting in some maps and aerial photos for when I'm hiking or geocaching.

The best thing about this notebook is that it has built in Wi-Fi so I can use it in hotels or coffee shops when I'm doing things with the Write Club (but we don't talk about Write Club).

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