Friday, April 20, 2007

Fuzzy Knight wiki

I recently created a free Fuzzy Knights wiki with the PBwiki people. It is growing slowly but steadily with two or three new entries per evening. I'm doing my best to find clear face shots of each character with little to no word balloons. The Fuzzy Knights strip creator, Mossfoot, is being very helpful so far with his explanations for Fuzzthropic Theory and remembering minor character names. There is a link box in the right side of this blog, but here it is again anyway.

I've also created a wiki for my steampunk Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, Crystalis but I'm not quite ready to release the link yet.

Speaking of D&D, I found the sad news yesterday that Dragon magazine will cease publication in print form with the September issue. An online version just won't be the same. I'll miss seeing it on the rack with an occasional Larry Elmore cover and finding the useful bits and pieces to use in my game. It will make future 13 hour flights to Japan harder to deal with if I don't have a Dragon magazine to read from cover to cover.

Oh well... I hope the online version is much cheaper to subscribe to.

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