Friday, June 30, 2006

Origins 2006 part 1

Okay, I'm not actually at the Origins International Gaming Expo yet. Right now I'm sitting in the lobby of a Holiday Inn Express just outside the host city of Columbus. I'll be heading into town early in the morning to collect my badge and then bone up on the rules for the two cool games that I'll be demoing at the Kenzer & Company booth on the expo floor.

Tech Support is an interesting and quick to learn little card game about exactly what the title says. You try to get help from the call center guru while doing your best to hinder other players' attempts.

The Great Space Race is a super cool board game involving racing space ships. I'll be doing a fuller review on that in a few days after I've got a couple games under my belt. It looks interesting as heck though with plenty of chain reaction destruction (I love the domino effect).

Hopefully I can get to a computer tomorrow evening to give a review of the convention itself too.

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