Sunday, June 11, 2006


Not so much a review... more like a heap of praise and a strong suggestion.

This is getting a bit tiresome, what with the folks at Pixar forcing me to repeat myself over and over. "They did it again!" Whenever I see a teaser for a Pixar film one or two years in advance I always think "They can't make a very interesting film about (insert subject here: bugs, monsters, fish, super heroes, cars)" Then they always, much to my delight, prove me completely wrong.

"They did it again!" with Cars. I consider myself a pretty imaginative person but what they did with the world design, characters and story blows away anything I could come up with even on a good day (with or without the help of outside stimulants). My words just won't do the film justice. I would gladly pay the Japanese movie admission price of $16~$18 to see this movie. It is that stunningly good. Make sure to sit through the credits until the very end for all the gags too.

I would gladly get into a duel with the Spoony One himself over the quality of this movie if he ever gives it a negative review. Now go forth and see it immediately! This I Suggest!

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