Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NaNoWriMo 2008

Less than three days until NaNo '08 starts. Thank gawd October 31 is on a Friday this year. Now I can easily stay up until midnight to start writing on the stroke of 12 and not have to pay for it at work the next day. I've got the word counter on the right side of blog so anyone can see how I'm doing.

This year's novel will be about a group of people starting their own micronation on an old cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. Their effort will be sponsored by a 24/7 internet TV network. All colonists wear electronic tracers that turn on any cameras near them so viewers can follow their favorites via dedicated web channels (sorta like the Truman Show). Normal around the ship viewing is free, but bedrooms are Pay Per View. The most popular colonists become the focus of bidding wars between companies who want ad space on the side or bottom of that colonist's web channel.

A side story may involve the legal efforts back in civilization to get the micronation recognized as a true sovereign nation. The working title right now is Micronation Pacifica.

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