Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hawaii, Japan and Origins 2007

It has been a long, long time since I updated the old blog. I'd forgotten I'd had one for some reason.

Anyway, Hawaii was awesome. If I couldn't live in Japan but had enough money then Oahu would be the place for me to retire. Heck even if I didn't have the money I could happily be a beach bum there in the Waikiki area if the wife ever kicked me out of the house.

Japan this year was great as usual. I climbed several mountains this time and managed to get my Fuji hiking staff back to Kentucky with me even though the airline lost it at first and had to deliver it to the house several hours later.

I figured with all the hiking, mountain climbing and sweating I did over there, I shouldn't have gained any weight. But apparently I gained 8 pounds in muscle on my legs. They were hard as rocks just like after my climb up Fuji last year.

In early July I went to Origins International Gaming Expo in Columbus, OH like I do every year. This time my oldest daughter went with me. She disappeared almost right away to hang with my sister and her friend who arrived the day before and I didn't see her again until the last day of the convention. :P

While there I gave my first Double Red shot of blood to the Red Cross. The vampires they had going around collecting victims, er volunteers didn't have time to find me. I went right to them and besides the snack (better than at the Louisville Red Cross) I also collected one of the rare "Heinlein Society: Blood Donor" ribbons of the con and a SF pin.

Of course I also picked up the usual assortment of new dice and used games to hold me through the winter until Origins 2008.

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