Sunday, July 23, 2006

Greetings from Itami City

Greatings from beautiful and rainy Itami City, nestled in between Osaka, Amagasaki and Kobe. I got here on the evening of July 21 (Japan time) after an unusuallly bumpy ride on a Northwest 747. After I landed at Kansai International I hopped on a shuttle bus to the ferry port on the corner of the man made island. The ferry Sora took me across the bay to Kobe Airport in just 29 minutes as promised.

From Kobe Airport I hopped the automated Port Liner into downtown Kobe (Sannomiya area) and switched to the Hankyu line for a ride to Itami. I don't think I saved any time but it was interesting and it saved my in-laws a 4 hour round trip (with tolls and parking fees) since they didn't have to come and get me.

I finally made it to their house all on my own, unpacked the goodies and presents and after a hot bath I totally zoned out on the futon. The next day (22nd) wasn't much more exciting. I took a walk in the morning and set my GPSr for the Japan area. My sister-in-law came over with her kids and we had a pizza party of sorts. As soon as she left my jet lag kicked in with a vengence and I was in bed before 7pm and didn't wake up until around 4am the next day (23rd).

Today (23rd) I finally got out to do some shopping at the used manga and game shops. I'm holding off on most purchases until I check out some more shops, but I did pick up the rare Love Hina 0 (zero) book. I also managed to find a couple of Japanese PS1 games I've been wanting for years. Macross Digital Mission VF-X and Tokimeki Memorial Quiz.

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